3 Mistakes Homeowners Make When Waterproofing

Waterproofing your home is an important step in ensuring that it does not succumb to the elements. It’s also a relatively simple process, but there are some common mistakes homeowners make when doing so which can compromise their efforts. In this blog post, we will discuss 3 mistakes homeowners often make when waterproofing and how to avoid them!

1) Not consulting a professional

The first mistake homeowners make when waterproofing is not consulting a professional waterproofing company before starting the process. While it may seem like an easy step, many people attempt to do this on their own only to find that they’ve made things worse or have done too little of an area to ensure success. By consulting with waterproofing Chester VA who are experienced in waterproofing your specific type of home you can be sure that your project will succeed and last for years!

2) Not testing a small section

The second mistake homeowners make when waterproofing is not testing the product in an inconspicuous area before going all out on their home. Many times, people have dreams of completely redoing their basement or seeing it dry for the first time only to find that they’ve used too harsh of chemicals which can ruin walls and floors. To avoid this, simply test any new chemical you are thinking about using in an area where no one will notice if something goes wrong (such as behind cabinets) and work your way up from there!

3) Not using enough product

Finally, the last mistake homeowners make when waterproofing is not applying enough of a protective layer to ensure success. Again this can lead to disappointment in your project and you spending money needlessly on more chemicals than necessary. While it’s important not to apply too much in one area, simply following the instructions on whatever chemical you are using will help ensure that you get the desired results!

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